Video Watch 2.0 with Night Vision

Item Name
Spy Net Video Watch 2.0, with Night Vision
From the Manufacturer
The ultimate spy tool, packed with high tech spy features & apps… including real night vision! Imagine: capture up to 20 minutes of video or 2,000 complete darkness! Want to see what goes on when the lights go out? Also updated to include ALL NEW Spy Apps and Games. Connect to and receive Video and Txt Missions from HQ! All new Agent Ranking System awards you virtual points, medals and badges so you can level up to become a top Spy Net agent! Includes: real working video camera & microphone to record video, audio and even photos; full color 1.4² TFT screen to watch recorded videos & live playback; onboard memory to store your evidence & files; upload and download video missions from Includes rechargeable battery & USB connection for PC and Mac.

Product Description
The video watch has evolved with this Spy Net Video Watch 2.0! Watch features same great recording technology that include video, audio, and photos with NEW missions and games! Record and spy day or night with REAL NIGHT VISION technology! Capture and analyze images of shadow agents with the all new Spy Nets Most Wanted feature!
  • Full color 1.4” TFT screen to watch recorded videos & live playback
  • Record Video and Photos in the dark with real Night Vision technology!
  • Loaded with Apps and Games, including Spy Detector and Lie Detector Apps!
  • Upload evidence and download all new Text and Video Missions from!
  • Includes rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery & USB connection. Compatible with Mac & PC.
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